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I was a video intern at Marketplace, the economics and business radio show featured on NPR. As part of a small video team, I helped edit, produce, and create motion graphics for the news organization's growing video platform. I also played an essential role in Marketplace's first video series. My other work includes traditional investigative explainers to short documentary style pieces. 

I've Always Wondered

Why does Wall Street still need humans? | I've Always Wondered...

Why does Wall Street still need humans? | I've Always Wondered...

In this age of automation, why are there still people on the New York Stock Exchange floor? #MarketplaceAPM #NYSE #EconomicExplainers ► SUBSCRIBE to our channel - In this episode of I’ve Always Wondered, Marketplace’s David Brancaccio explains why Wall Street still needs humans at all, with the help of Peter Tuchman (NYSE Einstein) and Lauren Simmons, the only woman working as a full-time trader on the floor of the NYSE. 00:20 - NYSE history 00:52 - Peter Tuchman interview 01:20 - NYSE animation 02:13 - Lauren Simmons interview I’ve Always Wondered is a Marketplace series that answers your questions about the world we live in, why the economy works the way it does, and why it all matters. Because if you’re like us, you’ve got a lot of questions about the small, simple, brilliant and ubiquitous things in the world of business. We’re here to answer them for you, in our most popular series that’s generated by you – our audience. Suggest something you’ve always wanted to know in the comments below. ► How can dollar stores still sell things for a dollar? - ► How did banks get "too big to fail"? - ► What do Michelin tires have to do with fine dining? - FOLLOW MARKETPLACE: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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